Issues using Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder with Nikon Cameras (D3400, D850, Z6, D4).

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There are issues with using the Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder video capture device with some Nikon Professional Cameras. With all of my Nikon professional cameras I cannot get the Blackmagic software to recognise the HDMI signal.

The support team at Blackmagic Design asked that I make this video when I reached out to them for support. In their user forum there are others with a similar issue with Nikon cameras.

In this video I demo the device with Nikon D3400 (works), GoPro Hero 4 Silver (works), as well as the Z6 & D850 (do not work). However, by passing the signal through an Atomos Ninja V and then into the Blackmagic USMR it will indeed capture on the Z6 and D850. This is also demonstrated in this video. See below for timestamps.

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Tech specs for UltraStudio MiniRecorder on Blackmagic web site:

My Thread on Blackmagic Design user forum for this issue:

This video is a little longer than I intended, but I didn’t wish to omit any of the info presented here. Here are the timecode bookmarks for the main sections of this video.

TimeStamp / Table of Contents for This Video
About the Device – 1:15
Demos Intro / Mac OS & BlackMagic Software details – 1:33
Demos Start – 3:33
Demo GoPro Hero 4 – 4:30
Demo Nikon D3400 – 5:58
Demo Nikon Z6 (not working) – 7:38
Demo Nikon D850 (not working) – 10:12
Demo Nikon Z6 using Atomos Ninja V as passthrough – 12:58
What works – project settings in Media Express – 17:01
Summary Chart – 19:08

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