I’m doing a bit of volunteer video duty this weekend for the 150th anniversary celebrations of the school in our village of Le Pâquier. Committee president (and friend) Frédérique Moratel-Revaz opens the festivities (below photo).

I don’t do a lot a video work, but I’m always happy to do some experimenting to see what I can produce with my DSLR equipment.

If you see the f/stop I’m using in this photo then you’ll that I should have brought along an ND filter… it was way too bright, even at ISO 64 on the D810.  :-/   The sequences turned out fine, though. Tomorrow I’ll be faced with exactly the opposite conditions… a small, dark room, moving actors and very little space to get around.

I’ll have a follow-up post to this one shortly, including some sample footage.

Video on DSLR
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