Recommended Photography Resources



  • – Thom Hogan’s site(s) is probably the only place you need to stop for the straight dope on Nikon equipment. Technically irreproachable, sprinkled with a good dose of dry humour.
  •  – For those of us who love speculation and suspense about the next great (and not-so-great) things coming down the Nikon pipe.
  • Nikonians – Nikon User Community for users of all levels of experience.
  • Nikon Download Center –  Firmware, Manuals, Software (including updates).


General Photography Discussion and Reviews

  • DP Review – You could get lost on this site for days there’s so much information. Very thorough reviews of all makes, models, and formats. However, the often heated discussion on the forums may not always be so welcoming (or useful). Your mileage will vary.
  • – Good, thorough equipment reviews and databases (mostly Nikon).
  • Brad Hill (Natural Art) – Conservationist, fellow Canadian. Very thorough reviews on his blog page (mostly Nikon). Excellent imagery of Western Canadian wildlife .


Photography Software I use regularly

  • Nikon Transfer – simple but it does the trick – gets files to your computer – including batch IPTC data upon ingestion.
  • Nikon ViewNX – Klucky interface but IMO still the best free RAW convertor for Nikon NEF files.
  • Photoshop + Bridge (the extended version gets you scripting, batch and several key photography features).
  • Photomatix Pro (stand-alone and plugin) – Specialised HDR Software.
  • Google Nik Collection – an nice plug-in suite for Photoshop
  • Lightroom – Digital Asset Management (DAM) – I am using this much, much more as of 2015, because of …
  • … Aperture – DAM, by Apple (declared “discontinued”  by Apple July 2014)


Local (Swiss) Resources (site in French and/or German only)

  • – Local Swiss Prices comparisons (all electronics, computers, etc.).  The 1-stop shop to find out who has what for less.
  • – Fair prices on trade-ins (all brands). I can personally vouch for the shop in La Chaux-de-Fonds – very friendly and reasonable. Used price list here.
  • – Nikon Swiss warranty registration site.
  • Nikon NPS Switzerland (my affiliation)
  • – Photographic Equipment rentals in Switzerland


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