About Ted…

Thanks for dropping by the web site of Ted Byrne. Photography Enthusiast. Traveler. Guitar hack. Technology Nerd, Engineer, ex-hoops player, Husband, Dad of 4.

My photography philosophy:

To take photographs in nature in a respectful way you are obliged to slow down and move at nature’s speed. You have to have patience, and you have to be prepared to not get what you are anticipating. Indeed, you are no longer in full control of your environment.  This connection with nature, of which in the end we are only a single player of many species, and the requirement of having to move at a much more calculated and precise pace compared to the always-connected, hectic world of everyday life, is truly the joy of the nature photographer.

This pretty much sums up why I picked up my Nikon F-301 and headed out into the forest for the first time in search of the woodpecker that I could faintly hear in the distance. I’ve been an avid photography enthusiast since the late 1980’s but my interest in nature photography was fuelled in the 1990’s by my love for hiking and the great outdoors. The combination seemed logical. In recent years, I’ve found myself reconnecting with many sports through my photography (I played quite a bit of basketball over the years, as well as other sports, but that’s another chapter).

Actually, you can give me any reason to get behind a camera and I’ll (probably) be happy… but my main interests are sports/action, nature/landscape, as well as travel and some candid street photography.

I use mostly Nikon gear.  All the gory (but delicious) details are here.

My real job…

I’m an avid photography enthusiast, but my current day job is Project Manager for the FSRM in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

From 2007-2013  I was project manager for Micronarc –  Micro-nanotech Cluster of Western Switzerland.

Currently, my main job at the FSRM is head of events management  – we organise scientific meetings and conferences in all shapes and sizes, and I’m pretty much responsible for making them run smoothly. They’re most always in the micro-nanotechnology ecosystem. Here are a few recent ones that we’ve organised or co-organised;

Plus, here are a few more of our projects

I’ve built and maintain all of these sites, plus others.

I’m also responsible for all for the web-based applications that we run across several sites, including our own site www.fsrm.ch and course registration system. BTW, interested in a 1-2 day micro-tech continuing education course? – Check out our list.

I’ve also been known to give a few courses in web development and Photoshop. I’ve been developing database-driven web sites since about 1997, mostly in LAMP environments.

This all keeps me quite busy, so when it comes to photography you’ll quickly see that I have a time issues, since I’m forever scrambling for a couple of hours where I can get lost in some unknown forest with critters scrambling about… Oh yeah, I think I mentioned that my wife Sylvia and I are busy raising four active kiddies (Sophia, Josh, Zak & Liam)?  Yep, you betcha’… time-management 101.

I have a teaching B.PEd from Acadia University (1991) and a Masters in Geomatics Engineering from the University of New Brunswick (2005) (Cadastral Surveying and Ocean Mapping).

In another life I played (and coached at times) basketball at various levels. The sport, and athletics in general, was a huge factor in my personal and professional development. I’ll list the significant schools / stages  here, chronologically:

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your visit.